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Welcome to the online home site of Alex Craxton, a web and mobile web friendly overview of myself and the initiatives I am currently involved in. Currently working as a product manager at conTgo Ltd, I specialise in mobile strategy and digital technologies. My background is in technology, but with a keen eye on user experience and hiding the complex stuff away from the user. I am also interested in growing my knowledge of mobile and other digital channels, whether this is off others or going out into the communities to find out more on my own.

Mobile Monday London

Originally a founder of Mobile Monday London ( in late 2005, now an advisory board member since June 2011. Mobile Monday London is a grass-roots community for the mobile sector, encouraging cross-discipline engagement and education whilst championing innovation. At over 5,000 members with an online presence with a monthly conference event of 200 attendees, it is now one of the largest and most active of its kind globally.


As always, there are a number of ways you can follow or get in contact with me through social media. I use Linkedin and twitter for my professional networking and communications, but use Facebook more for my closer circle of friends.


Over the years there are a number of online things that I have taken part in. I try to write articles on my blog when there is something interesting to talk about ... which isnt often enough to be honest. Many years ago, I used to write music on my amiga for the demoscene.


A product manager and technical program with over 17 years’ experience working in the mobile, web, social and digital industry sectors within start-ups and enterprises. Specialising in the strategic vision, design and delivery of digital products and services for a mix of media, operator, enterprise and online sectors. Engages and presents to C-level executives, clients, partners and project teams the long and short term product goals. Accomplished communicating and analysing industry trends both internally and externally and comfortable speaking at events.

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